Record Book

Have you set your goals? If not, choose an advisor and get started!

Have you achieved your goals? If so, it is time to receive your Congressional Award!

Whether you are setting your goals for the first time or have already achieved your goals, you will need a Record Book. You will need to develop goal statements and choose activities to accomplish your goals. Then get your advisor’s approval and get started!

When you have achieved your goals, complete all parts of your Record Book, ask your Validators to sign their appropriate pages and ask your advisor to sign the first page. Your advisor’s signature will certify that your goals were met in each of the four program areas. We recommend making copies of your submission for your records. Do NOT submit anything that you would like back as we cannot return submissions. Submit your completed Record Book and any supporting material to the same individual or organization that got you involved in The Congressional Award Program. This may be your Sponsoring Organization, local Congressional Award Council, or:

The Congressional Award
PO Box 77440
Washington, DC 20013


Full Program Book – View complete guidelines (including Record Book Pages): Program Book

Record Book Pages – Document your activities:  Printer Friendly Download or Writable Version (must have Adobe Acrobat)

You may print this document or type right into the Record Book before you print it off. If you type into the Record Book, please note that each field is space limited. If you run out of space, just submit additional pages (typed, hand written, etc).

How to Fill out a Record Book (video)